Thursday, 17 April 2014

DTRA Round 1: Reminder and DTRA needs you...

The first round takes place at Leicester on Sunday 27 April. Spectators get in for free. Racing from midday.

The DTRA need a couple of volunteers for this round, and beyond. Get in touch if you can help, even for just one round.
Contact Dirt Track Riders Association>

1. Flag marshall for Leicester. Be there from 11. Training given, no experience necessary.
2. Scoring box helper. Be there from 11. Training given, no experience necessary.

3. Flag man or woman. No experience necessary, but needs to be a show off. The DTRA needs someone who can count and can wave a flag in an entertaining way. See below.
You'll flag to announce the last lap and the winner. Simple, but make it look good. There is budget for spectacular uniform if required.
4. The DTRA are still looking for a press officer, if there's someone out there who wants to do some PR, get a foot in the door, gain some experience...

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Penton: The Movie

From regular correspondent, Roger F...

Narrated by Country singing star and motorcyclist Lyle Lovett and a host of off-road racing stars, the full length movie about John Penton hits theaters this June and I can without reservation, proclaim it a must see for anyone who has ridden on knobby tires. He flat out revolutionized woods riding in the U.S., developed Penton motorcycles, and helped put American riders on the map in the ISDT. Penton was eventually absorbed by a little backwater manufacturer named KTM and set KTM on the road to becoming arguably the most successful off-road motorcycle producer in the world today. Check it out... Roger

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New Motorcycho In Stock

The latest issue of Motorcycho, number 28, has just landed from Canada. We have a bunch of different previous issues of this trailblazing fanzine back in stock and their very popular Death Rider patch too.
Go to the special Motorcycho section on the Sideburn webshop. G

SPECIAL OFFER: The first person to order the new Motorcycho from us gets a free Motorcycho key ring.

Death Spray Does Flat Track

'Souvenir facial from the wonderful Kenny Noyes dirt track training camp'.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Triumph Dirt Quake III Bikenstein

Some of the guys over at Triumph's Hinckley HQ are getting excited about this year's Dirt Quake III. Reno, from the design office, knocked this Bikenstein up in his spare time.

Read more about Bikensteins in Sideburn 9. G

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Ok, it's Sunday night, I've been out riding flat track - feeling a bit zonked, while I'm wading through dozens of Dirt Quake pre-entires from both sides of the Altantic. I have no cable to watch tonight's MotoGP, but I remembered a track I heard on Radio 6 last week. I knew for a Bollywood song to be played on a BBC radio station it is likely to have a killer dance routine from a movie attached to it (like a firm favourite of mine Jaan Pehechaan Ho)  and I was right. Well worth a watch. This is the blurb that came with the YouTube post... G

This is a scene from the classic Bollywood movie "Talash", released in 1969! The lovely Helen is dancing like no-one else, while she's lip synching to Asha Bhosle's divine voice!

Sit tight, there will be a motorcycle-related post along soon...

La Urbana, Vigo

La Urbana is a new shop in Vigo, Spain and they're stocking Sideburn.

If your shop would like to start stocking Sideburn, please get in touch.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mule got Wood

When I tell people I have a Wood frame on my dirt track bike, I sometimes see their face cloud as they think, just for a second, 'He's got a wooden motorcycle?' but they usually don't say it. The owner of this bike could stir it up further.

Sideburn's mailbox is bursting with Dirt Quake III and Dirt Quake USA pre-entries so I'm having to delete a lot of older emails. One I found, that I remembered coming in, but somehow didn't deal with - was from Mule in San Diego, California.

For me, Mule is consistently the best street tracker builder in the world. He's been doing it longer than anyone. He has a niche, but also pushes the boundaries and comes up with some beautiful solutions when he makes a road bike look like a racer, or makes what is essentially a very squirelly race bike into a competent, legal road bike.

This bike is the follow up to Web Surfer he built for Cycle World show, years ago.
It's an oil-in-frame chassis Sportster. The lacquered multiply wooden seat mixed with a silver and beige tank should not work - it doesn't on paper, but I just think it looks neat with its 1962 Huntingdon Beach vibe. And that exhaust and the Morris mag style wheels...

Read about Mule in Sideburn 3 and his incredible Streetmaster in Sideburn 8.

Visit Mule Motorcycles website for top quality parts for Hinckley Bonneville and Sportster street tracker parts.

EUROPEAN customers - Mule now has a distributor in France - Mule Motorcycles France. G

Friday, 11 April 2014

Dirt Quake UK Pre-entries Open/Tickets on Sale

Like previous years we're asking people to pre-enter to get their bikes approved.

All the details are on the Dirt Quake III page.

To pre-enter - send in a photo of your bike (don't worry if it's a work in progress) and which class you want to enter to:
dirt @

Joining the roster of Inappropriate Road Bike, Street Tracker and Chopper classes, we have a Ladies class this year. (Virtually) any bike goes.

If your bike is approved, we'll tell you and then ask for payment (Paypal is preferred) and to fill in an online form. Only pre-entry approval AND payment guarantees the place. Race entry fee is £45 (no refunds). A race licence is £10 on the day. Spaces are limited. Entries close July 11. No entries on the day.

Spectator tickets are now on sale. On the gate it's £10 for Friday night and £10 for Saturday or £15 for a two-day ticket. Pay in advance and get a two-day ticket for £10. Every order gets a sticker and is entered into a prize draw. Go to Dirt Quake III Tickets.

DIRT QUAKE USA entry forms are going to those who have pre-entered in the next few days.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Colorado Flat Track

Following up on the Travis Newbold post from a couple of days ago - these are the dates of the local Colorado flat track race series.
See more at (no, it's not a Tinder style hook-up site, though it's a great name for one).
Support Your Local Racetrack. G