Sunday, 4 October 2015

James Brown in Vietnam, 1968

Hey, it's off-topic Sunday! Remember, if you came to this site for motorbikes, you came to the right place. There are over 5000 posts on this blog, pick a subject from the labels list at the side and dive in. Or buy the magazine. Sometimes though, we want to talk about other things. This is one of those times...

I watched the James Brown biopic, Get On Up (co-produced by The Walking Dead's* Mick Jagger) on DVD. I really enjoyed it, but struggled catching some of the mumbled dialogue. It is obviously a dramatisation of a long and action-packed life (abandoned as a child, spousal abuse, laugh a minute), but I don't know how much it gilded the lily.

One great section is when James Brown (aka the Godfather of Soul, Mr Dynamite, Minister of the New New Super Heavy Funk, The Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness, Mr Please Please Please, Soul Brother Number One) and his band are on a troop transporter plane to Vietnam to play to the US soldiers, in June 1968. Part of the dramatisation is clearly enhanced, but they really did perform in Vietnam, when it was the last place of earth anyone really wanted to be. These superb photos are from the performance, and I found them on the internet, so apologies to the photographers for not crediting.

Perhaps it's just me, but I've watched quite a lot of Vietnam movies over the years and I don't remember seeing any that show just how many black GIs were in action. Just look at the crowd here. Clearly if Johnny Cash was playing you might expect fewer black faces right at the front, but the US government didn't fly in a rent-a-crowd to make JB look good. Anyway, just a thought. G

* Sorry, I mean The Rolling Stones

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Beach - A film about racing at Mablethorpe

I worked on this film with my friend James Cheadle (a superb photographer and founder of Union magazine).
We shot it earlier this year at Mablethorpe Beach Races and I supply the narration and onboard footage from my Honda 650. We had a plan to record a race commentary live from my helmet, but I dropped the expensive sound recorder in a salty puddle and killed it.

The sand racing season starts again on 18 October (Mablethorpe Sand Racing dates). They will let you race just about anything, but if you have specific questions, leave a comment and I'll try answer them.
2015 DTRA champions George Pickering and Leah Tokelove are regulars on their KTMs in the MX classes. I'm in the unlimited road bike class.

Hope you enjoy the film. G

Friday, 2 October 2015

Sideburn 21 - Kriega Cover and so much more

We're offering very limited supplies of SB21 with the special cover we printed for Kriega. Kriega sent this magazine to buyers of their new Sling and Urban bags.

To be clear, this SB21 Kriega magazine is identical to the regular Sideburn 21 EXCEPT for the cover, that was shot by the world famous Vogue photographer David Sims. That means it's for collectors and completists only. Don't buy it looking for content different to the regular SB21.

Read about David Sims here. Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Calvin Klein, Sideburn...
We have also a new 3 issue back issue bundle offer to clear a bit of shelf space.
Issue 11, 14 and 16 for £9 plus post.
This is in addition to the 4 back issue bundle (7, 8, 9, 10) we have.
And another for the collectors, a Sideburn Programme bundle of all our A5-sized event programmes for four of our biggest events so far. Relive the joy and triumphs, the gathering of motorcycle tribes, the dodgy on-track catering, the motorised pie, all from the comfort of your treehouse and all for just £2.50 plus post.
On Monday the law is changing in the UK (then probably everywhere else) that sees supermarkets charging 5p for every plastic bag. You're going to need bags! So get this Dirt Quake IV tote bag, complete with the Sideburn gaffer tape font by Ben Part, for just £3.50 (plus post).
It's not quite a Kriega bag, but it'll carry your bananas, quinoa, Mellow Birds and copy of OK! home from Asda in style.
We have a few black DQIII totes too.

Finally, for now, we have Union Magazine, made by a friend of mine, the photographer James Cheadle. It's great, big heavy thing, full of brilliant true stories about exorcists, spies turned religious kooks, bike gangs, drug dealers, Sikh martial artists.
£8 plus post.

Get them all, and much more, from
Remember, every order gets a free Sideburn sticker. Whoop! G

Chiffon Specialist

Inspired by the album cover of Love & Kisses 1979 disco hit, photographed by Scott Hensel, we are conjuring up a photoshoot with Jason’s equally glam Borile scrambler.

We are looking for an accomplished high-kicking model who is available for a day's shooting in Leicester, UK. (in lieu of a Los Angeles heat-wave, we will be indoors).

Do have golden Farrah Fawcett big hair?
Do you like the feel of chiffon blowing in the wind?

Please contact us if you think you are a contender. BP

Thursday, 1 October 2015

2015 DTRA Champions

It's nearly the end of another great year of British flat track. Sideburn was a proud supporter of the DTRA.

The DTRA has its Johnny Lewis Presentation night coming up on October 10, King's Lynn. There might be room for spectators to come and watch the Johnny Lewis Q and A. Leave a comment or email us if you want to come. £5 entry.

Here are the end of season results and photos of the class champions (Photos: Ian Roxburgh/ DTRA)

Pro Class
1st Place: Aidan Collins #90
2nd Place: Oliver Brindley
3rd Place: Alan Birtwistle
4th Place: Adam Allott
5th Place: Tom Neave

Thunderbike Class
1st Place: George Pickering #38
2nd Place: Geoff Cain
3rd Place: Tom Clemans
4th Place: Guy Sutherland
5th Place: Ross Herrod

Restricted Class
1st Place: Ross Herrod #52R
2nd Place: Scott Faulkner
3rd Place: Gary Birtwistle
4th Place: Leah Tokelove
5th Place: Christophe Decombard

Vintage Class
1st Place: Guy Sutherland
2nd Place: Anthony Brown
3rd Place: Hubert Bastie
4th Place: Paul Harrison
5th Place: Milo Hiscox

Rookie Class
1st Place: Sean Kelly #33R
2nd Place: Andrew Smith
3rd Place: Phillip Gerrard
4th Place: Michael Herman
5th Place: Peter Jordon

MiniBike Class
1st Place: Leah Tokelove #37R
2nd Place: Adam Lovesey
3rd Place: Alfie Collett
4th Place: Adam Waller
5th Place: Martin Huning

Youth Senior Class
1st Place: Toby Hales #20
2nd Place: Skye Adams
3rd Place: Jordon Miller
4th Place: Connor Jackson
5th Place: Ben Neave

Youth Inter Class
1st Place: Joe Burden
2nd Place: George Hopper
3rd Place: Kier Armstrong
4th Place: Storm Stacy
5th Place: Jack Bell

Youth Junior Class
1st Place – Leon Collier

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Yamaha Silver Cup, Long Beach, CA

Great old clip, posted by Superbike Planet, of early-1970s indoor short track on concrete. Nixon, Mashburn and Brelsford are all interviewed. The track looks like ice, definitely no Coke syrup down to make that more tacky. I'm pretty sure it's 1971, or late 1970. A bit of digging showed that Jim Odom won it (the rider from the Trophy Queen page of Sideburn 10).

As the presenter explains, the series also went to the famous Madison Square Gardens for the NY round in January 1971. A reported 17,000 turned up, on a Monday night!, the iconic venue sold out and spectators were turned away, according to an AMA report from the time. I wonder how many will go to the first US Superprestigio in Vegas on November 20-21? Two who will be there are Ben and me. Travis the poet too! Whose coming?

Click the 'Carpet Shoes' label below for more post about indoor concrete short track, or the 'indoors' label for more indoor short track in general.

Thanks to Roger for bringing it to our attention. G

Battery to Battery Charging

This looks useful for race bikes that use small batteries, especially over a longer race meeting, or practice day into a race meeting. I guessing though, because my race bike doesn't have a battery, so it's never a problem for me. G

OptiMate's new DC to DC charger enables the charging of a 12V lead-acid motorcycle battery using a 12V car battery; perfect for race paddocks and in garages and sheds that don’t have an AC power supply. It recovers, charges and maintains any STD, AGM and GEL 12V battery (from 3 – 96Ah), but it doesn’t need to be plugged into the mains. To get charging, hook up the DC to DC to a car or marine/RV deep cycle battery and thanks to OptiMate's Source Battery Protection, it will charge the bike battery without killing the source battery i.e. it shuts off when the voltage drops below 11V. 

The DC to DC’s smart long term maintenance mode extends protection to the bike battery as long as possible, delivering just enough power to protect against parasitic draw from the bike’s system and keep it ready to deliver. And if you forgot to maintain that bike battery, it can save a deep discharged, sulphated battery from as low as 1 Volt. OptiMate DC to DC is totally safe for vehicle electronics, is spark suppressed and will automatically shut-down if short-circuited or the battery is disconnected.

OptiMate DC to DC is priced at £69.99 (including VAT) and comes with everything needed to get charging: 1 x weatherproof battery lead, 1 x standard battery clamp lead, 1 x fused battery clamp lead and a full 3-year warranty.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Myk's Place by Them Road Apples

I've mentioned the blog Them Road Apples before on our blog. It's from Vancouver and is run by a woman called Becky. This recent post caught my eye, because I recognised one of the bikes. These are shots of Myk's house and various collections, near Vancouver, Canada. He's one of the Scorpion Flat Track team (that we featured in Sideburn 3), a custom painter and friend of Motorcycho. And I liked these photos.

This bike, a Honda CL360 budget racer, was featured in Sideburn 14. G

Bobby Boogaloo Schwartz

Where are you today Mr Boogaloo? BP

Monday, 28 September 2015

Being Evel

This is getting promos over in the US.
I hope it's good, but it looks a bit 'made for TV' from the production values of this clip. In fact, it's got a History channel logo on it, so perhaps it is.

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville turns up in this clip, and the film says it's made by the makers of Jackass. Fellow Jackassers Dave English and Danger Ehren have done some work with Sideburn this year.
Danger wrote a great report on Dirt Quake USA for Sideburn 22.
Dave filmed the DQ USA II video. Check them out! G